Privacy Policy

Directus Technologies d/b/a MKISIO cares deeply about how your personal information is used, and goes to great length to ensure it is protected. The following Privacy Policy outlines what data is collected, how it is used and what MKISIO does to keep it safe. By using or accessing MKISIO's services in any manner, you hereby acknowledge that you accept the details described herein, and you consent that we may collect, use, and share your information as described. You use of MKISIO services is subject to this Privacy Policy, along with MKISIO's Terms Of Service. If you are a subscriber to a MKISIO-delivered newletter, you may also be subject to the Publication's Licensing Agreement ("PLA").

This Privacy Policy is effective September 30, 2020, and is subject to change. Any such changes will be conspicuously posted on this page in advance of the effective date, and you will be notified by either email or internal message of upcoming changes. Your use of MKISIO after changes take effect is acknowledgement and acceptance of those changes.


This Privacy Policy covers MKISIO's treatment of personally identifiable information ("PII") that may be gathered when you are viewing the MKISIO website and/or using MKISIO services. It does not cover any treatment of PII by companies unrelated to MKISIO and/or unrelated personnel. MKISIO gathers a limited amount of PII from our users, and this PII is used solely in connection with MKISIO services. Such PII includes that required to set up a subscriber and/or publisher account, to interface with payment processing service providers, to contact and/or enable contact between users, and analyze your use of MKISIO services.

As described in the MKISIO Terms Of Service, we do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from persons under 13 years of age. If you are under 13, please do not register for MKISIO services or subscribe to newsletters. Publishers are advised not to send subscription invitations to persons under 13 years of age. Additionally, persons between the ages of 13 and 18 are required to get parental consent to publish newsletters, subscribe to any paid publication, and further not subscribe to any newsletter that is marked "suitable for adults".


Information You Provide:

We receive and store information you knowingly provide to us. This information includes name and email address required to delivery newsletters you have subscribed to, and billing address information if you subscribe to paid publications or are a publisher paying for specific MKISIO services. Such information also includes publishers' newsletter contents, internal messages between users, and feedback provided by subscribers to newsletters. We may use this information to deliver newsletters to you, bill you for services you have purchased from MKISIO and/or publishers, and to communicate with you directly for the purpose of providing support. You may opt to receive support via internal message or by email.

Information We Collect:

When you use MKISIO services, we receive and store information on server logs including your IP address, geolocation, device/software in use, and the page(s) you requested. We utilize cookies, transferred to your internet browser when you access the MKISIO website, to automatically collect this data. Cookies are also used intermittently throughout the MKISIO website to enable specific functionality, including third-party cookies utilized to process payments for MKISIO services. You are welcome to change your computing device preferences to prevent or limit the use of cookies, however be advised that doing so may limit functionality or disable it altogether. We limit the time frame before MKISIO cookies expire wherever possible, and make every attempt to destroy third-party service provider cookies when you end logged-in sessions.

We use collected data to improve MKISIO services. MKISIO's third-party payment processor may also use cookies for fraud prevention.

Information Collected From Other Websites:

MKISIO does not specifically use cookies placed on your browser to collect information about your online activity after you leave our website, and we do not use third-party advertisers. We do not actively collect any other information after you leave our website. Any information that may be passively collected, either inadvertently or by software error, is regularly destroyed.


MKISIO does not knowingly collect or solicit PII from children under 13 years of age, and we respectfully request any child under 13 not attempt to register for the Services or send any PII about themself to MKISIO. If we discover PII has been collected from or about a child under 13 years of age we will delete that information as soon as possible. If you believe a child under 13 has provided PII to MKISIO, we would appreciate you contacting us at


We may share your PII with third parties as described below:

Anonymized and aggregated information: We anonymize and then aggregate collected information, and may provide it to third-party service providers to ensure reliable provision of service.

Service Agents: MKISIO utilizes the products and services of other companies that requires the sharing of PII in order to provide said services. We use third party payment processors to process payments you make for MKISIO products and services as well as for newsletter subscriptions, and similar processors to provide payment to publishers for their newsletters. Payment processors may receive credit and/or debit card information, related billing addresses, as well as certain tax information required by law. We also use third-party services for enhancing email delivery; those third-party providers are, as a result of the nature of sending email, automatically provided with your email address.

Publishers: We provide certain information to publishers, including name and email address, and if registered, username. Publisher may share any information they collect themselves, subject to the PLA between you and the publisher, and we are not responsible for nor do we attest to the proper use of information by publishers under any PLA. Publishers accept responsiblility for complying with all applicable laws regarding PII. We do not allow advertisers on the MKISIO website. Publishers, however, may insert advertising into newsletter content, but any information disclosed as a result of such advertising, including but not limited to cookies, tracking pixels or other information gathering methodologies is subject to the PLA between you and the publisher.

User Profiles: User profile information is shared under limited circumstances. Your username and email address will be disclosed to other users if you have a subscriber/publisher relationship (or visa versa). Publishers' names and usernames may be disclosed to prospective subscribers if a publication is offered on an open basis or if the publisher sends a prospective subscriber an invitation to an Invite-only newsletter they control. Internal messages i.e. chat can only be exchanged between subscribers and publishers with such a relationship, or where a user has pre-existing knowledge of another user's username. In other words, there are no public directories or forums.

MKISIO Transactions: MKISIO reserves the right to purchase or divest assets, and may share and/or transfer PII in connection with the such transactions and/or the evaluation thereof. If MKISIO and/or its assets are acquired, or if we discontinue operation either volunatarily or involuntary, through private means or via the Courts i.e. bankruptcy, PII is an asset that may be included in any such transaction.

Court Orders: MKISIO reserves the right to access, decrypt, read, preserve, and/or disclose any information necessary to comply with any court order.

Storage and Security

First, MKISIO runs on servers housed in a secure third-party data center.

Access to all MKISIO accounts is protected by passwords, stored in encrypted format. PII, including email address, name, billing address and phone number is stored in encrypted format. The body contents of all draft, final and sent newsletters is stored in encrypted format. User generated notes and templates are stored in encrypted format. Subscriber lists are stored in encrypted format. User-available logs of your activity on MKISIO, including but not limited to purchases you make, are stored in encrypted format. Internal messages are stored in encrypted format. User-submitted OpenPGP public keys are stored in encrypted format, and user-generated keypairs are stored in encrypted format.

We do not store passwords for user-encrypted subscriber lists. We do not store passwords or passphrases for user-generated OpenPGP private keys. We do not store credit or debit card information you use to pay for MKISIO services or publications. We do not store bank account information used to pay publishers for newletter subscriptions purchased at MKISIO.

As noted, we go to great lengths to protect your PII, nevertheless we do not guarantee 100% security. System failure, unauthorized third-party access or other factors may result in data compromise.

It is your responsibility to protect your account password, passwords for subscriber lists you encrypt, and passwords and/or passphrases for private keys. Additionally, it is your responsibility to limit access to computers, computing devices and internet browser software that may be used to access your account.

Data Access

Register users have access and control over the following information:

  1. User profile information, including email address, password, name, billing address, phone number, user icons, and purchased MKISIO products/services;
  2. Subscribed newsletters, including those requiring payment, and for a set period of time after unsubscribing to newsletters, those subscription records;
  3. Created publications and related settings, including those of Open, Invite-only, Active, Inactive, and publications Closed to new subscribers;
  4. Subscriber lists, including unsubscribe capability if free and notification/contact capability if paid; and
  5. PGP keys, including public keys submitted to MKISIO as well as keypairs generated using MKISIO Key Services.

It is within your rights to add, update, or delete any of the information described above, with exception for email address and password (they cannot be deleted). When you do so, we reserve the right to retain a copy of the previous versions of such information for our records, stored in the same format as previously referenced.

Other information, such as newsletter subscription offerings, MKISIO product and service offerings are subject to frequent change. However, if you have purchased a subscription, product or service that is subsequently removed, you will be immediately refunded on a pro-rata basis for such purchased, and billing for such services will cease thereafter.


MKISIO reserves the right to enforce this Privacy Policy, our Terms Of Service and/or other agreements governing your use of MKISIO services, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of MKISIO, its owners, employees, publishers and subscribers using any means necessary, including but not limited to accessing PII or any other information you have provided or we have collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions about data collection, sharing, storage, access, retention, or removal please contact us at Please note that we cannot answer questions about encryption algoritms we use, disclose PII of users other than yourself, provide OpenPGP keys of any user (including yourself), or provide downloadable subscriber lists or other such data that may be covered by this Privacy Policy, the MKISIO Terms Of Service and any PLA simultaneously.