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Email Newsletters

See, Hear, Speak, Do. Respectfully.


MKISIO is the email newsletter delivery service that gives you control. Your lists, your content, your schedule. Simple and transparent, easy to monitor and with no hidden tracking. Tough encryption keeps everything protected.

Keep real friends up-to-date. Send price lists to special clients. Distribute status reports to your remote contractor teams. Dispense your inner wisdom. Share your top-secret cooking recipes. And get paid for it.

How (and why)

MKISIO starts with simple, easy to use, newsletter creation and sending. It is personal and without frills, meaning you cultivate your email list, write your newsletter, and hit send. We handle the delivery. If you want your subscribers to pay for your writing, yes we can help you make a little money. Less marketing, and more delivering good content, safely and securely. You know you have something worth sharing.

Your list is precious to you, worth too much to just let slip away. Which is why we make sure your lists are stored 100% encrypted, so that information is safe. If you believe your newsletter is just as special as your list, say a matter of family-only interest, we can also provide you a way to make sure only people on your list can read what you send. Proven security with bonafides earned over decades.

Why do I need this? The short answer is you might not. You may not care who is lurking over your social media posts, who on your friends' friends' friends' list might get the wrong idea about what you just wrote, who is marketing competing products using your content. But we most certainly do. Sharing is great, as long as others are not taking advantage of your open generosity. Now you can. And they can't.


For Publishers


  • Single Publication
  • 100 Subscribers
  • 250 Newsletter Sends
  • Basic Status Reporting
  • Optional Paid Subscriptions
  • Remote Subscription Widgets
  • Encrypted Newsletters

  • 5 Publications
  • 10,000 Subscribers
  • 25,000 Newsletter Sends
  • Enhanced Status Reporting
  • Optional Paid Subscriptions
  • Remote Subscription Widgets
  • Encrypted Newsletters

  • Unlimited Publications
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 250,000 Newsletter Sends
  • Enhanced Status Reporting
  • Optional Paid Subscriptions
  • Remote Subscription Widgets
  • Encrypted Newsletters

For Subscribers

Subscribing to many publications is free, and can be accessed within. Others are a little more close knit, hence you'll need an invitation from the publisher. You might have to pay. If you don't have an invitation and are just curious about what this newsletter thing is all about, you can register just to take a look around. Choose a few newsletters to subscribe to, and have a good time.


Select Publications
Publication Name Topic Subscribers Status Price Action
Shizaru MonthlyMKISIO News39OpenFree

For Brainiacs And Not

Want to publish a newsletter? Just register, send some invitations to your friends, and go. We don't do fancy stuff like technicolor fonts and CGI videos of cats. Mostly words, like you'd write on a piece of paper. Your friends will enjoy the change of pace. And if you want more, like the ability to send piles of encrypted newsletters to your encrypted list, that can be done as well.


Build Your Own List

You start with a list of friends, and some good writing (or bad). We provide additional tools for you to notify additional people to sign up, as well as profile your newsletter so others can join. We don't integrate with social media platforms - you (and your friends) probably have enough of that already - but we do provide handy shortlinks and QR code widgets you can embed on your homepage or blog. Want to keep your list close to the vest, but want the opportunity to accept requests to join? Completely doable.


Make Some Side Change

Money, money, money! Pay-to-play. Want to charge a fee to subscribers of your newsletter? Yes that can happen. The price is up to you, and we'll handle the collections. Get started for no additional fee, and once you're rolling we'll take just a small piece of the pie to cover our costs. We'd like to see you turn a profit once all is said and done, and we'll deposit those winnings straight into your bank account every month PLUS let you know what you're earning along the way.


Shield Your Readers

Maybe your subscribers are the paranoid type. Nowadays that's normal. You want them reading, but at the same time provide them with assurances they won't be getting spammed now or down the road. That's why MKISIO encrypts all email lists, on a per-publication basis, so your subscribers' information is safe. You of course always have unbridled access to it, MKISIO stepping aside so you can maintain your relationships without interference.


Lock Your Message

Have exclusive ideas you want delivered to a trusted group? Don't want what you have to say available to every Tom, Dick and Harriet? Maybe it's a business update, along with latest prices for valued clientele. Or you could be sending information that might cost you, as in money, should it fall into the wrong hands. With industry-standard strong encryption, proven over decades, you don't have to worry 'bout a thing.


Tools For Help

Writing is hard work. We're sure you will agree, or so we hope as we can't write your newsletters for you. What we can do, however, is help you figure out how to upload your list, how to send your brilliant content, and how to encrypt it beforehand. Comprehensive FAQs reside within, and if you're still stumped you can always use that archaic communication medium called email. It's still very much alive.


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