Free Speech Commitment

Scattered throughout MKISIO's Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service and even our "founding" story are various mentions of how we are not interested in censoring newsletter content, kicking publishers off the platform for saying something someone doesn't like, etc. etc. But you aren't going to read that stuff, so we are making our intentions completely clear here.

The content within email newsletters publishers send and subscribers receive is not for MKISIO to judge, with the sole exception being content that violates some law (like copyright, trademark or involvement of minors). Outside of conveying material that is outside the bounds of the law (and would generally include MKISIO receiving legal notice from a legal-type person that some law might be being broken), we leave the speech up to you.

In summary, MKISIO respects free speech rights, and will not otherwise abridge those of any publisher using this platform for any reason other than violations of the law(s) of whatever land that publisher is operating in, and under no circumstances without having first received proper notice.

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